Stop 8-Rocky Mountain National Park

Stop 8-Rocky Mountain National Park

“Words can’t really do it much justice!  You really just have to make the journey there and experience it for yourself!”

The Beginning

Okay, so we made it to our first National Park! Our journey in Rocky Mountain was amazing to say the very, very, VERY least.  If you’ve never been there, you have to go!  It’s almost like being on another planet.  We’ve seen mountains before in New Zealand (and they were beautiful in their own way don’t get us wrong), but we don’t think there’s really any other mountains quite like the Rockies.

Santa Fe and Colorado Springs were really just the start of it!  Being in Rocky Mountain National Park brings a whole new meaning to “feeling small.”  You are surrounded by mountain peaks and tops that ominously stare down at you…Okay, that sounds really scary.  We promise we don’t mean it to sound like that.  It’s just…you do really feel very small.

It’s probably not that uncommon, but we thought it was awesome!  We managed to book a campsite in Glacier Basin Campground (which is in the park) for four nights in a row just a day before arriving!  Literally, the day before leaving Colorado Springs and heading north, we went online and got a campsite for FOUR days in a row! Does that actually happen?

The Middle

Our first day there, we hopped onto the free park shuttle to our first trail head (this shuttle takes you to most of the trailheads on the eastern side of the park).  We highly recommend the shuttle if you ever come to visit.  It’s free, and the people you will get the opportunity to talk to are great.  Plus, who wants to pollute this beautiful space with car engine combustion anyways?

We did a quick walk (it could hardly be called a hike) around Bear Lake just to get a feeling of what the park would be like.  It turns out, there is still a lot of snow in the Rockies in June.  But, that was okay with us.  It only added to the excitement of being in this magnificent place.

The following days were filled with actual hikes, and to our surprise, a lot of wildlife viewing!  Keep in mind, this was our first National Park of the trip, and our first time being in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We could not believe what we got to see!  Plenty of elk and deer of course.  But, we also got to see a marmot (it is an actual animal, you know…not just an outdoor clothing/equipment company), a moose, and… a…BEAR!  Don’t worry!  It was at a safe distance being gawked at by a bunch of other people along the roadside.

We also saw some wildlife that once was…

Now, if you aren’t lucky enough to see all the wildlife living in this wilderness, there is a lot of good hiking with awesome views.  Actually…every trail we hiked had unbelievable views!

We had to get all our hiking done before early to mid-afternoon came along, because we read that it often thunderstorms in the afternoons in the park.  That statement proved to be very correct, at least while we were there.  It thunder-stormed every day (except, maybe the first day), we were there.  Luckily, time has been on our side a lot on this trip so far (*knock on wood*).  We never got caught in any of the storms and managed to get out and off the trail just before they hit.  Thumbs up to that!

The End

There really isn’t much more that can be said about Rocky Mountain National Park.  And we don’t say that because there isn’t much to do, or that it’s boring, or anything even remotely close to that.  We say that because words can’t really do it much justice!  You really just have to make the journey there and experience it for yourself!


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  1. Awesome pics! And so great you were able to get a campsite for 4 days at the last minute. Will definitely have to add this Park to my bucket list. Glad you are having fun!

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