Stop 6-Santa Fe, NM

Stop 6-Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe has a very unique charm to it.  It’s unlike any other little, big city that we’ve ever been to, but there’s a cool culture!

The Beginning

We arrived in Santa Fe pretty late into the evening.  Around 9 o’clock.  This was the latest we arrived anywhere yet this far.  It was okay though, because it was a beautiful drive into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains that hover over the city of Santa Fe.

We pulled into the Walmart parking lot to call it a night.  This Walmart must have been a popular stop for a lot of road trippers and truckers because the whole section we pulled into was full of ‘em.  We thought that was pretty awesome!  It made us feel part of a little Walmart camping community.

It was a cool night.  In fact, it was the first time we had to use our heavier blanket for warmth.  Every other night, we were sweating just trying to fall asleep.  Despite the cool temperature, it was a beautiful morning.  We drove around the city for a little while, looking at all the cool architecture.  Almost all the buildings are built with adobe walls.  It really enhances the Southwestern feel of the city.

The Middle

After dining at an outdoors Starbucks (we thought this was a little strange being from the cold Midwest, but also really cool), we hit the trail.  It turned out to be just a short hike in and out of the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, but it still had some awesome views of the surrounding mountains.  The trail also featured some educational literature talking about the Santa Fe River, which the city is revitalizing and protecting.

Brushing off all the dirt and mud from the trail, we decided to head to downtown Santa Fe.  We started at the Santa Fe Railyard.  If you really like trains, you might enjoy this part of the city.  But other than that, there isn’t too much going on…at least when we were there.  There are events there every once in a while, which may make it more exciting.

There is also a farmer’s market just down the street, which seemed really nice.  However, it wasn’t open when we were there.

From there, we headed further downtown to the Santa Fe Plaza.  Here, there are a lot of vendors, art galleries, shops, and restaurants…all local!  We discovered Santa Fe is a huge arts mecca.  There are too many galleries and museums to count!  So, if you are an art lover, especially Southwestern art, you should go to Santa Fe.

We couldn’t personally afford to buy anything from the vendors, but they were all brilliant artisans.  Their work was really beautiful.

We decided to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant called, The Shed. If you don’t like spicy food, be very careful what you order here.  Other than that, the food and service is great.

The End

We ended the day by taking a magnificent scenic drive into Santa Fe National Forest.  This drive is really great, and was the perfect way to end the day in Santa Fe (<– didn’t mean for that to rhyme so much).  The pictures really don’t do it justice.

Tomorrow we are headed to Colorado Springs, following the mountains north!  Colorado has been one of our top “Can’t wait to see” states!  We plan to spend a little more time there than the other places we’ve been.  So, you’ll get to see a whole bunch of us and Colorado if you come back!

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