Stop 4-Oklahoma City, OK

Stop 4-Oklahoma City, OK

We had some amazing weather in OKC, so we got outside and did some adventuring!

The Beginning

The morning after the big storm in Springfield, MO was beautiful.  We started a day there.  We got some work done in the morning at a local coffee shop called Mudhouse Coffee, and found out that our van had a flat tire.  Don’t worry, we got it fixed easy at Walmart for $10.  As we waited for the tire to be fixed, we grabbed some grub at a Steak n’ Shake down the road.  We’d seen a lot of these fast-food restaurants all throughout Illinois and Missouri, so we had to give it a try.  The mint-Oreo milkshake is awesome!

With the rig all good to go, we started back on our journey.  Next stop: OKC!  We started out on Route 66, and came across Mater and some of his buddies along the way!  If you don’t already know, he’s a character in the movie, Cars.

The Middle

We weren’t exactly sure what there was to do in Oklahoma City, but we found a gem!  If you like adventure, but still like to feel safe, you should check out Riversport Adventures in the Boathouse District!  It’s a good place to go for a few hours, or the whole day.  It’s located right along the Oklahoma River, and there, you can participate in endless adventures.  This includes whitewater rafting, an adventure course, ziplining, kayaking and paddle boarding, and a bunch of others.  We only had time to do the adventure course and paddle boarding, though.

Pulling up to this place, we thought it might cater more to children (which it does), but the activities are fun for adults too!  We’ve never done anything like the adventure course, and it was fun (and a little scary too…)!  Having never paddle boarded either, we both wanted to give that a try too.  It’s a fun way to get on the water.

Stay tuned for an awesome video of us climbing the Sky Trail adventure course!!

The End

After a few hours in the Oklahoma heat, we decided to hit the road again.  Heading west through OK, we didn’t reach a rest area until about 20 miles into Texas!  It had a beautiful view…

We pulled over to make some dinner and there, very surprisingly, we met a guy from Wisconsin!  He saw our license and asked us where we were from, to which we replied: Alma (at least Justin is).  He was very friendly and gave us some helpful travel advice.

We are heading to Amarillo, Texas!  It’s a pretty well-known stop along Route 66.  You know…Cadillac Ranch!  There could also be a little hidden jewel near there too that we may or may not journey too.  You’ll have to come back for our next post to find out!

Miles Driven


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