Stop 21-Flagstaff/Phoenix, AZ

Stop 21-Flagstaff/Phoenix, AZ

“There had to be additional visits to the doctor to check everything out.  In the end, everything checked out fine, but that lead us to not doing too much.”

The Beginning

So, this post will probably end up being pretty short.  We unfortunately didn’t end up doing anything too adventurous or fun while in these two cities.  But, here it is anyways!

We arrived in Flagstaff in the late afternoon.  Whilst making the drive down there from Grand Canyon National Park, we figured we needed to get a little work done with the blog.  So, we headed for our favorite place with free wifi: the library!  Flagstaff has a very nice library, by the way.

We spent most of the evening there, typing and posting, typing and posting.  We also had someone look at the van while we were there because we were hearing a squeaking noise (don’t worry, the van is pulling through so far).

We ended up leaving the library pretty close to closing time.  It was past dark, so we just went through a drive-thru for dinner.  We were really glad to get a little work done, even if it meant we had to sit in the library for a while.

We spent the night in the Walmart parking lot.

The Middle

The next day, we gave the van an oil change, and hit the road toward Prescott.  We took a small detour through Sedona, Arizona along the way.  That drive is one of the most scenic drives we had been on thus far.  It takes you down in elevation through forests, and opens up to the red rock of the Sedona area.

We stopped again in Prescott before driving to Phoenix.  We had to make a pit stop to Urgent Care (everybody is fine, by the way).  It was just a case of the dizzies.  However, the stop to Urgent Care led to a few other hassles that had to be taken care of in Phoenix over the next few days…

There had to be additional visits to the doctor to check everything out.  In the end, everything checked out fine, but that lead us to not doing too much.  We had to take it easy, so we just hung out at the hotel for the most part.

The End

It was nice to have a little break, but we were antsy to get moving again.  Once we finished all of our medical errands, we hit the road again to head back to California!  We had originally planned on stopping in Joshua Tree National Park, but the medical situation put us a little behind schedule.  So, we were headed straight to San Diego!

We could not wait to reach the coast!  We will tell you about everything we did in San Diego in the next post, so stay tuned!


Sorry, this post didn’t have any pictures…It’s a pretty lame post, but we didn’t want you to think we skipped anything!  To make up for it, please enjoy our looped video of a campfire burning, as well as our featured image at the top of the post, which is of us in our natural state.  The next post will be chalk full of pictures for you!


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