Stop 17-Las Vegas, NV

Stop 17-Las Vegas, NV

“We both had these butterflies fluttering all over in our stomachs because we were so excited and happy to actually be there in person.”

The Beginning

There were a few days in-between our day in Yosemite and our arrival in Las Vegas.  Within those days, we had to escape the 100+ degree weather, so we stayed at a hotel in Ridgecrest, California and an Airbnb in Pahrump, Nevada.  This was our first time staying in a hotel of any sort on the trip so far.  It kind of felt like we were cheating a little bit, but you can only stay in the 115-degree heat for so long.

The hotel in Ridgecrest was just a typical Econo-Lodge hotel, but it had A/C and a pool.  That’s all we needed!  Needless to say, we spent the whole day in the pool!  There, we met a great couple from a town near Los Angeles.  We talked to them the whole day and into the night!

The next morning, we made our way closer to Las Vegas. We stopped in Death Valley along the way.  This place is HOT, HOT, HOT!  It was close to its record high of 134-degrees (also the hottest atmospheric temperature ever recorded on earth) during our quick afternoon there.  It didn’t quite reach that number, but it was at about 128-degrees.  Like we said, HOT, HOT, HOT!  We didn’t do any hikes there (not sure if we would have made it through that), but we did go for a dip in the pool in Stovepipe Wells Village.

Death Valley National Park


That day, we only got as far as Pahrump, Nevada.  Here, we stayed at an Airbnb!  This was a first Airbnb experience and it was AMAZING!  We stayed in a private casita detached from the hosts house.  It was a lovely place with plenty of room!

The Middle

From there, we headed to Las Vegas where we had booked a room at The Signature at MGM Grand.  This was definitely the nicest room and hotel we both had ever stayed at, which we kind of expected, especially for the amount it costs for just one night there!  We did spend quite a bit of money there, but the memories were worth it!


We began our time in Las Vegas by heading toward the resort’s (MGM Grand) pool complex, where there are plenty of pools so you can take your pick!  It didn’t take long for us to heat up in the hot Las Vegas sun, so we went for a dip quite a bit.  We were also able to get into the Wet Republic Ultra Pool for free!  This is basically what one might call a “party pool” where a lot of drunk people dance, drink, and spill all their drinks into the crowded pool.  It was cool, but a little too much for us…we didn’t really want to get into that water.


After the pool, we were feeling a little bit famished.  We’d heard that the buffet’s in Las Vegas are amazing, so that’s what we did next.  Don’t get us wrong, the food was really, really good, and the variety available was outstanding!  BUT, we don’t think we are big buffet people.  We just can’t put enough in our stomachs to make paying the $50/person worth it.  Like we said though, the food was awesome!

What we did next was probably the best part of our time in Las Vegas!  We had saw earlier in the day that the Chainsmokers were in town and DJing at the nightclub, XS, which wasn’t too far away.  So, we bought some tickets, and went to see them!

Now, the Chainsmokers are not just any DJs, at least to us.  We’ve listened to these two dudes for a while now and their music has become a big part of our lives!  We had been wanting to see them live for a long, long time.  We waited awhile before they even got on-stage and we were starting to get restless.  It wasn’t until about 1:30 in the morning before they started…

But, when they finally did start, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  We both had these butterflies fluttering all over in our stomachs because we were so excited and happy to actually be there in person.  We had made our way to the front too, so the guys were only about 20 feet away!

The Chainsmokers have become really big now, with a bunch of hits flooding radio stations all the time.  But, we’ve been listening to these guys for a while now and we were really happy to get the chance to see them live.  It was really just an amazing time!

The End

So, after we left the club, we hopped into an Uber (Las Vegas introduced us to our first Uber experience as well), and arrived back at our hotel around 4 o’clock in the morning.  We hit the plush pillows with our heads and we were out!

We woke up around 7.  That’s what we were used to.  Apparently, it didn’t matter what time we went to sleep.  Our checkout time was eleven o’clock.  So, we stayed cooped up in the hotel room until 10:45, just to make the short time in Las Vegas last as long as possible.

The valet brought our rig around (the minivan looked a little ridiculous compared to the BMWs, Audis, Lexis’, and Mercedes that everybody else had, but that’s okay) and we were on our way!

Back to the road trippin’ life we have known for the last month.  Admittedly, it was a little hard to leave the life of luxury in Las Vegas, but we had a lot more to see and do, and a lot more adventures to have!


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