Stop 15-Reno, NV & Lake Tahoe, CA

Stop 15-Reno, NV & Lake Tahoe, CA

“Well, in a way, Lake Tahoe as the best of two worlds.  It’s got the lake AND the stunning Sierra-Nevada Mountains in the background.”

The Beginning

Well, if we are being honest, we didn’t do a whole lot in Reno.  Driving into “The Biggest Little City in the World” we were pretty impressed, but not surprised, by the number of casinos.  Our trip to Las Vegas wouldn’t be for a little while, but we imagined Reno to be a smaller version of the city.


We parked our van in one of the available parking ramps in the city, and went for a stroll around town.  We followed the Truckee River for a bit in the Riverwalk District.  It was hot…still.  So, to escape the heat, we headed into a local pub along the river for a cold beer.


We took our time to avoid meeting the rays of the sun for just a while longer, but eventually, our glasses empty, we headed back outside.  We walked around downtown a bit more and eventually made our way to The Brewer’s Cabinet for dinner.  After dinner, we headed to Carson City where our lovely Walmart was awaiting us.

The Middle

The next morning, we headed over to South Lake Tahoe, California.  If you have never seen Lake Tahoe, you HAVE to make your way to see it some time.  It is beautiful, to put it in a very understated way.


There are a lot of lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and a few really big ones at that (you know, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan), so we’ve seen plenty of lakes.  We’ve never seen any as blue and as clear, as Lake Tahoe!  In 1968, scientists were able to lower a white disk into the Lake and see it as far as 100 ft. down!

We must really like strolling, because that’s the first thing we did arriving in the town of South Lake Tahoe.  The little town is very charming, with a “lodge-ey,” or “cabin-ey” feel to it that reminded us of back home, and the mountains!

Well, in a way, Lake Tahoe as the best of two worlds.  It’s got the lake AND the stunning Sierra-Nevada Mountains in the background.  The town we visited, and surely many of the other towns sporadically placed around the lake, is very aware of the precious ecosystem that Lake Tahoe supports.  There are words of encouragement everywhere you go to keep the lake blue by going green.  We assume these words originate from the movement Keep Tahoe Blue.  We thought this was wonderful!


The End

After seeing a bit of the town, we headed to the beach, which to our surprise, was a little small.  It may have just been the beach we accessed, but it felt a little crowded.  It was still very beautiful, and yes, the water is cold.



We had lunch at Sno-Flake Drive-In before heading to Sonora, California and making our way to Yosemite National Park!


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