It’s Finally Here

It’s Finally Here

We are so excited!  It’s our first blog post!  We’ve been waiting for this for awhile now and it’s finally here!

Hey There!

So here it is, our first blog post.  As we write this, we are sitting at a park at our first destination, Arlington Heights, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) along our two-month, 10,000-mile road trip across the Western half of the U.S.  We have been waiting for this day for a looonnnggg time.  About a year-and-a-half.  Now it is finally here and it doesn’t quite feel real yet.  We will be spending a few days in the Chicago area visiting Jordan (Hannah’s sister).  We have been to Chicago before so we probably won’t explore the actual city this time around, but instead just spend time with Jordan (and her beautiful husky, Sky).

But, Who Are You?

We introduce ourselves in the About Us and About the Blog sections of our website, but we will give another quick intro here because it’s our first post.  We’re Justin and Hannah, graduates of 2017 with degrees in Recreation and Tourism.  We are huge travel enthusiasts and at the moment we are also jobless.  We figure now is the perfect time to do this trip because once we get jobs…well… who knows when, or if, we will ever get two months to travel.  Not to mention we have those dreadful things called student loans to start paying off in t-minus five-and-a-half months.  Not keeping track or anything.

So, Currently?

Okay, back to where we are now.  For the majority of this two-month trip we’ve planned, we will be living (and sleeping) in our (actually Justin’s parents’ who are letting us use it) 2005 Chrysler Town and Country.  We have spent the last month or so building a bed frame to squeeze in the back.  It’s no five-star hotel bed or anything, but it is perfect for us right now.  We hope to save as much money as possible on accommodation by sleeping in the van.

Obviously, we have to fit everything that we could possibly need for two months in the van so we’ve packed a duffel bag each of clothes, packed our toiletries, a cooler, our cooking equipment, camera gear and some camping equipment, and called it good.  Now, it’s only the first day, so we don’t really know yet the positives and negatives of what we’ve packed, but so far so good.

We plan on getting outside on this trip as much as possible.  One of our favorite activities is hiking, so our plans involve a lot of that.  The good thing about hiking: it’s free.  What could make a cross-country road trip even better than camping out of your van and doing free activities?  Visiting the ever-so-beautiful National Parks along the way!  That’s right!  At the very least, we have 14 different National Parks on the list of places to see.  They are probably the places we are most excited to see!  However, other than that, we don’t have too many other plans.  And that’s the way we planned it!  This will be an adventure taken mile-by-mile.

Well, that’s it for now.  Not too shabby for our first post, right?  Don’t worry, there are way more interesting posts on the way!


We wanted to start this blog as a way to share with people our experiences, as well as connect with others who share some of the same interests and values as us.  We really want to build our online presence to create a really great network of people who can share and learn from us and from each other.  Because we are nowhere near experts in anything as of right now, we would really love to learn from others’ experiences.  So, don’t be shy, feel free to reach out to us by email, or social media (Facebook and Instagram).

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  1. So exciting!! Anxiously looking forward to hearing about where your adventure takes you and what you see and learn along the way!

  2. Awesome…..have the time of your life! Keep posting n anxiously awaiting your blogs ! Be careful n enjoy!

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