Month: August 2017

Stop 23-Los Angeles, CA

Stop 23-Los Angeles, CA

“When you see Venice for the first time, it’s like taking a trip back to the punk era: skateboarders everywhere!”

The Beginning

We know, we know.  It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us.  Traveling and blogging is hard…at least for us.  But, we are still determined to share with you our experiences, so don’t worry!  So, without further ado, let’s keep it going!

We were sad to leave beautiful San Diego.  But, we were looking forward to the excitement coming our way from Los Angeles.  We knew we were heading into a BIG city, but we never could have imagined how BIG it really was.

This was also our first day driving along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  The towns between San Diego and L.A. are everything and more of what you imagine to be “surf city.”  The cool vibes were radiating off of everyone and everything!  It would have been cool to explore those towns for a couple of weeks…or maybe a couple of years.

We had some time before we could check into our Airbnb, so we headed to 1,000 Steps Beach, located in Laguna Beach, CA.  The beach was beautiful, with million dollar homes galore, and surprisingly not that many people.  But, the name does not lie.  We’re not sure if it’s actually 1,000 steps, but it sure feels like it as you walk down onto the beach.  And, if you didn’t realize it going down, you sure did walking back up.

1000 Step Beach 1

After soaking up a few rays, we hit the road again.  Little did we know, we probably should have skipped the beach and just kept driving.  Everybody talks about L.A. traffic, so we knew it would be pretty bad.  We never thought it could be as bad as it was.  Granted, it was the Fourth of July, so maybe it was slightly worse than normal.  We just couldn’t understand how people can put up with sitting in that chaos every single day.

The Middle

When we eventually arrived at our accommodation, hot and frustrated by traffic, we unpacked our things and started a little research.  We wanted to see some L.A. fireworks, but even more important were the beaches!

We decided that we wanted to see Venice Beach first.  So, we hoped on the metro train and headed for the coast!  When you see Venice for the first time, it’s like taking a trip back to the punk era: skateboarders everywhere!  It definitely was not a fancy, Bay Watch type of beach.  It had its own vibe which was really cool and different.

After walking around the Venice Beach Boardwalk for a while, we decided to start walking to where we could see the fireworks.  It was a longer walk than expected, but it was nice.  We walked through a small marina, where we pondered how much it cost to dock a boat there.

Once the sun went down, the fireworks began.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to pay anything to see these fireworks (you did in some places).  Unfortunately, it was probably the worst fireworks show we had ever seen.  But, that was okay.

The crappy fireworks didn’t really matter that much, because we couldn’t believe we were already in L.A.  Time was going by so fast!

The End

The next day, we made a quick pit stop in Hollywood to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame (FYI: if you ever take this walk, be prepared to be bombarded by people trying to sell you things).  Then, it was back to the coast again.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

This time we went to Santa Monica Beach.  We walked around the pier first, which was very entertaining and gave spectacular views of the city, and the beach.

Santa Monica Pier

After the pier, we found a nice spot on the beach to lie down and listen to the waves crashing to shore, the children playing, and the seagulls “mine”ing (those of you who’ve seen Finding Nemo know what we’re talking about).

Santa Monica

We’re relatively positive that we could never live in L.A. ourselves, but we definitely admire people who live there now.  It kind of takes a lot of guts to live in such a big place.  We had our fun in the city, but it was time to take it down a notch and head north along the PCH.

We were getting excited for what the west coast had yet in store for us!  Point Mugu State Park is the next stop, so stay tuned!


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