Month: July 2017

Stop 22-San Diego, CA

Stop 22-San Diego, CA

“It was undoubtedly one of the prettiest sun sets we had ever witnessed.  It sure made us feel all warm and cozy inside.”

The Beginning

We were ecstatic to finally reach the coast when we arrived in San Diego.  It was a pretty long drive from Phoenix, Arizona but we had booked an Airbnb a few days back.  So, we had to make sure we got there!  We didn’t stay right on the coast (we’d probably have to pay upwards of $200/night for that), but we stayed close enough for us.

We didn’t mind making the 20-minute drive to the beach.  And, as soon as we got our stuff settled into our room for the night, that’s where we headed.  Now, we are sure there is a lot more to do in San Diego than the beaches, but we couldn’t wait to see the ocean!


We were only in San Diego for one night.  With the short time we were there, we spent all our time at the beach.  We started out going to a less touristy destination called Sunset Cliffs.  It was BEAUTIFUL!



This part of the coast is laced with expensive houses that look right onto the ocean.  We couldn’t imagine the pretty penny it would take to live in one of them, but they were very beautiful homes.  We walked around the coast a little bit until we found a good spot to descend onto a beach.

Finding a nice, sunny spot, we laid down for a bit to soak up a few rays of sun, but we decided that we wanted to see the touristy beaches too!  We thought it would be a great time to get to people watch at Mission Beach.

The Middle

So, that’s where we headed next.  There were a LOT of people there!  And, they were most likely 90% tourists.  Most, if not all, the houses right on the beach were rental houses, where tourists get in big groups and split the cost to rent the house for a few days.  And, what do most of these groups do for their time on Mission Beach: PARTY!


As we walked the beach’s boardwalk, we just couldn’t help but want to be in the mix of people with beers in their hands, their music on blast, and a great view of the ocean as others play in the waves.


There were interesting people everywhere, and it was lots of fun.  But, we started to feel slightly famished.  We had passed by a number of restaurants on our walk.  They all sounded good, but in the end, we chose a small bar/restaurant called Sandbar Sports Bar.

We were slightly disappointed when we asked the waitress about happy hour (we were really feeling jealous of all the vacation partiers at this point) and she informed us that they weren’t doing happy hour, as it was a holiday.  Apparently, July 3rd is a holiday now too!  The food was pretty good though!

So, we waved the $6 beer this time and just ordered a couple waters and some grub.  After finishing our plates quite promptly, we noticed the sun would be setting soon.  So, we grabbed another spot on the beautiful white sand beach and waited for that sun to hit the horizon.


It was undoubtedly one of the prettiest sunsets we had ever witnessed.  It sure made us feel all warm and cozy inside.  We were very happy to be where we were.  We couldn’t believe that we’d been traveling for just over a month now!  It was also July 3rd (now, apparently, a holiday as much as the next day on the Calendar); which to us always represented the half-way mark for Summer.  Soon enough, our trip would be coming to an end and we’d have to start our lives as actual adults, finding jobs and paying off student loans.

The End

We could do nothing more than appreciate what we had in front of us in that moment.

But, soon enough the sun was no longer to be seen.  The ocean had seemingly swallowed it up in no less than 5 minutes!  We took it all in one last time before whipping our sandy towels in the wind and heading back “home.”

We woke up feeling very rested the next day.  Our destination was Los Angeles that day, but we wanted to stop at a few more beaches before heading into the craziness that L.A. was sure to show us.  So, we made a pit stop at La Jalla Cove to make breakfast and take a few last pictures.



We really loved San Diego from the moment we arrived.  We would be sad to leave it, but we knew we’d be back someday!


We’ll let you know what happened in L.A. in the next post!  And, as always, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram!