Our Journey

Hey there! We’re Justin and Hannah, and this is our journey!

First of all, welcome!  We’re glad you’re here!

We built this website as a way to share our journey as we enter the so-called “real world.”  We are recent college graduates with degrees in Recreation & Tourism, and as much as we loved our time spent there and the degrees we earned, we still have no idea what we want to do in life.  But, we’ve decided that that’s okay, and that we’ll just live life one day at a time.

Home; Welcome to our journey!

Our Journey Right Now?

Right now, we are traveling across the western half of the United States on a 2-month, 10,000-mile road trip!  We’re leaving the comfy Midwest behind us and heading to the coast, making a bunch of stops in-between.  We want to write about and share with you all the places and things we see and do.

For two months, we will call our van our home.  We’ve even built a bed frame to sleep in!

You can follow our journey and stay up-to-date with our crazy wonderful adventures by going to our blog.  Start from the beginning here, or jump around, it doesn’t really matter!  You can find our most recent blog posts near the bottom of the page.

You can find out more about us by heading to our About Us and About the Blog pages.  If you’d like to email us, you can go to our our Contact Us page.

Our Journey on Social Media

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